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Hookle Receives Easy Usability Award from SoftwareSuggest

Tue Apr 30 2024 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Hookle, a globally recognized innovator and pioneer in AI-driven social media management tools, has been awarded SoftwareSuggest's prestigious Easy Usability Award in the social media management category.

This award is a testament to Hookle's commitment to providing its users with the easiest-to-use AI assistance in social media marketing. Hookle's AI has generated over 20 million words of personalized, AI-written content in just a year of the launch of its AI-powered content creation feature. 

By providing tailored content at scale, Hookle helps its users enhance their social media presence, engage their audience more effectively, and achieve their marketing goals with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

"The broad adoption of Hookle's AI features is evidence of the trust our users place in our technology and our vision of making high-quality social media marketing accessible to all," said Tero Seppälä, CEO of Hookle. "We are thrilled to see our platform being embraced by small businesses around the globe, helping them to thrive in the digital marketplace."

The popularity of Hookle's AI tools and SoftwareSuggest's usability award are clear indicators of Hookle's growing influence in the digital marketing space, where it continues to break down barriers for small business owners by eliminating the need for expensive agencies or in-house content creation teams. Hookle's AI engine not only generates engaging content but also provides strategic insights, enabling users to make informed decisions that drive their business forward.

About SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest, a leading platform for discovering top business software and service partners, carefully evaluates and recognizes industry leaders. Their dedication ensures that businesses find the best match for their needs through thorough reviews, comparisons, and consultations.

About Hookle

Hookle is a comprehensive social media management tool that simplifies digital marketing for small businesses. Leveraging AI technology, Hookle enables entrepreneurs to create, schedule, and publish content across multiple social media platforms with a single app. Founded in Helsinki, Finland, Hookle is dedicated to democratizing social media marketing for small businesses around the world. For more information, please visit

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